God Slayer – First look at revamped character creation system

With most Asian studios focusing on mobile games, it is rare that a good quality PC online game is being worked on. First announced back in 2012, ChangYou, one of China’s top online games developer and publisher, is preparing to launch God Slayer next week. Powered by CryEngine, the development team confirmed that God Slayer has gone through several overhauls over the past few years, but is finally ready for the gamers. An oriental fantasy action MMORPG, the character creation of the game is now available, and we gave it a quick spin based on the 4 starting classes. The female models look truly stunning!

We tried out God Slayer back in 2015 during one of its beta phases, and you can see more videos and screenshots here. The character creation feature is definitely upgraded from back then, although it remains to be seen for the in-game systems. From what we read, more automated functions have been added to cater modern gamers, although boss raids and PVP will still require manual controls for optimized results. Stay tuned for more updates and videos as we dive into God Slayer when Open Beta begins in China!