God Slayer – Quick look at first test phase for CryEngine action MMORPG

God Slayer is the latest online game by China developer and publisher, ChangYou, and was actually announced way back in 2012. Touted as the “first China MMORPG developed using CryEngine” back then, God Slayer is currently having its first test phase, sort of an Alpha phase. A non-target action MMORPG at its core, the overall theme is still stuck to a more traditional Asian fantasy design. Is God Slayer ready to enter the saturated games market?

Character creation

There are currently just 3 classes available, and also 3 more yet to be revealed. The playable ones now are the Warrior, Sorceress, and Swordsman. The game is gender-locked, which means players do not have a choice for choosing between male and female for each class. The customization seems fairly completed, with the usual facial edits available. Nothing to really shout about here.

The world

Crafted using CryEngine, the graphics did not fail to impress, especially for the buildings and environments. But yeah, the only let-down is still character models, with the faces looking really, really stiff. There are both open world and instanced dungeons, providing players with some form of exploration. Overall, a good effort by ChangYou, but still not the most dynamic out there.

Standard combat

I started out with the Swordsman, which is way too hard for the aging me, hence I switched to the more player-friendly Warrior. In God Slayer, the main aim in combat is to hit combos, up till the “S” grade if possible. I am not really sure why, but for the 2 melee classes I tried, at the end of each normal hit sequence, the target will be sent flying, making it hard to chain attacks.

I was told the Sorceress has a much easier time chaining combos. Skills here are not really fancy, like those in Dragon Nest or TERA, and they are more like combo skills which really test players’ key controls. The default keys, for me, are really hard to use with a WASD movement set up. The keys can be edited, though. Fancy moves such as scaling walls to avoid traps are in the game as well.

Boss combat

At a low level, I was expose to what a real boss combat would be like.. To craft items, players must attack a specific part of the boss, making sure that part is the first to be destroyed. For example, I would have to keep damaging the boss’ cape first and make sure it is visually gone. Each boss fight allows only 1 part to be destroyed, so players have to aim carefully to get the desired item at the end.