DC Unchained – New superhero mobile RPG enters Closed Beta in Asia next month

There has been no major update since DC Unchained was revealed by publisher 4:33 Creative Lab back in August at Comic Con Seoul. It was announced that the Closed Beta phase for DC Unchained will begin in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong from 10 January to 17 January 2018. A hero collection RPG, players will be able to encounter 30 heroes and villains in the Closed Beta version, with 3 of them selected for the main squad.

According to the Korean media, players will be able to enjoy the the game from both sides of heroes and villains based on DC Comics scenarios. The story mode based has around 60 stages, along with special mission mode and defense mode. Key artists of DC Comics also took part in drawing the game, including the original cutscenes exclusive in DC Unchained.