TERA M – Guild feature and more revealed in new trailers

One of the 4 main mobile games which developer Netmarble is showcasing at G-Star 2017, TERA M might be familiar to most gamers given the global popularity of the PC online game, TERA. This mobile MMORPG version, as reported in previous articles, is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and aims to replicate the PC experience. Netmarble has added a couple of new features trailers over the past weeks, and we have compiled them into one for convenience.

Basically, here is a quick summary of the core features Netmarble highlighted in the trailer (in order). We are not translating the actual feature names since most are text from TERA lore:

1. A battlefield where players seek to destroy the crystal towers belonging to the opposing team. Pretty similar to a single lane MOBA, expect there is apparently no mob spawning.

2. Guilds! There will be instanced maps for members of each guild to socialize, just like a guild house. Of course, there will be PVP modes for guilds vs guilds as well. Ranking is at stake!

3. Dungeon crawling will be a staple in TERA M, which offers a variety for players to explore with friends and guild mates. Tons of challenges, big-ass-bosses, and treasure awaits all!

4. An old trailer, this basically highlights the massive 3D and 360-degree world of TERA M. Basically Netmarble is telling you “awesome graphics and beautiful maps awaits in TERA M.”

5. An old trailer, this shows how characters can express a variety of emotions through different body actions. We wonder if this should be listed as a core feature…

6. Finally, this was the first feature revealed weeks ago. Players can meet each other in town, just like a PC MMORPG, and travel to different maps using the Pegasus service.

In case you did not know, there are 6 playable classes in TERA M, each being gender and class locked. They are Elin Priest, Human Brawler (female), Aman Lancer, High Elf Archer (female), Human Slayer (male), and Popori Alchemist, a new class exclusive to TERA M. As you can see, we are missing the male side of High Elf, the female side of Aman, and the Baraka and Castanic races. Netmarble did mention more characters are being worked on.