Overhit – Nexon confirms global roll-out next year for Unreal Engine 4 mobile RPG

Earlier yesterday, developer NAT Games and publisher Nexon held a joint media conference in South Korea to provide more details on their latest game, Overhit, to the eager media outlets. Powered by Unreal Engine 4 and the second title from NAT Games, Overhit will launch domestically on 28 November, followed by Japan in early 2018. Nexon confirmed it will roll-out Overhit globally next year as well, and even mentioned they are working on a lower-requirement version of the game for older mobile phones. How thoughtful of them!

On first look, the beautiful graphics and stylish skill effects are definitely the main selling points. Different from NAT Games’ first title, the mobile action RPG Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT), Overhit is a turn-based collectible RPG where players can obtain characters from a pool of 120 currently to form their teams. NAT Games mentioned the team did thought about making a mobile MMORPG after HIT, but instead switched to the turn-based collectible genre as they felt they have the talent to dominate all other titles in the genre.

An interesting note, NAT Games also said the game title Overhit was actually the project’s code name, which was used casually to indicate that the team is literally “over” HIT, its first game. But rest assured there will still be content updates for HIT! Overhit is also the name of the game’s signature skill system, where apparently 2 characters team up to unleash a combination skill. For PVP fans, there will be PVP modes, including a real-time one as well!