Dragon Nest II: Legend – Nexon announces game closure for mobile action RPG

[Source] Once highly touted as the “sequel” to the PC MMORPG Dragon Nest, which takes place hundreds of years before the original storyline, Dragon Nest II: Legend will be shutting down on 29 December. Nexon made this announcement today, although no specific reason was given. Was it affected by the emergence of open world mobile MMORPG games? Perhaps players are now bored of dungeon-based mobile games. You can now still download Dragon Nest II: Legend on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).


  1. Good, this game has nothing to do with original Dragon Nest

    Listen companies, don’t denature your IP, listen to your player base, and you’ll know success

    If you keep doing freestyle stuff like this shit, then you’ll disapear


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