The Amazing Eternals – Development paused for upcoming competitive FPS

Perhaps seeing how badly LawBreakers bombed after launch (with the lowest at just 10 people playing the game worldwide), developer Digital Extremes recently announcement it has indefinitely paused the development for The Amazing Eternals. The studio behind Warframe cited the “current gaming landscape” and the Closed Beta version “wasn’t attracting players fast enough to support a viable matchmaking player base” as the main reasons. No schedule was given, and The Amazing Eternals might eventually be canned.

The Amazing Eternals was set to be a Free-to-Play competitive FPS with a distinct blend of deck-building strategies and 1970s retro-pulp visuals. The game will take players on a journey through a multiverse that begins on the starting square of a mystical board game. Players will wield unique decks of cards throughout the match offering handy benefits, amazing powers, and fearsome weapons. You can read more in the developer post here.


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