Breakaway – Amazon Game Studios hurls debut competitive game back to drawing board

[Official announcement] Following Digital Extremes’ decision to pause development on its competitive team shooter, The Amazing Eternals, Amazon Game Studios also announced it has decided to bring Breakaway back to the drawing board to “iterate and evolve Breakaway’s core gameplay.” Breakway is the first multiplayer game from the new Amazon Game Studios, and public Alpha ran from June to September. There were also a number of  tournaments held with notable esports teams, including Echo Fox and Team Rogue.

Once again, all fingers will be pointing to how Overwatch has dominated the competitive team shooter scene, and how LawBreakers failed so miserably to build up a sustainable community despite being in the same genre. If you did not know, Breakaway features 2 squads of 4 players with an aim to slam a relic into the enemy’s base to score points, pretty much like American football or even basketball. Of course, you get to pick heroes with different skills to get some kill frags along the way. Have a look at a match below!