Netmarble – Gaming giant to showcase 4 mobile titles at G-Star 2017

While having roots in the PC gaming market, Netmarble will be going full mobile at this year’s G-Star after emerging as one of the world’s top mobile games developer and publisher in recent years. As expected, Netmarble will be showcasing TERA M, Icarus M, and the recently-revealed Seven Knights II. It also teased a mystery 4th game, and mentioned it will be a mobile game based on a popular IP. We wonder which could it be…

In case you missed it, Netmarble’s slogan for G-Star 2017 is “Play The Great Game”, which no doubt has some sort of grammatical error in it. According to the booth design posted, Netmarble will have over 260 demo sets available for all its games, including 100 just for TERA M. Live events, online streaming, cosplay, booth babes, are all part of the experience.


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