Mad World – HTML5 online game opens up to everyone this Halloween

[Play now] We first covered Mad World back in July, feeling that this game is the one which will definitely bring the HTML5 technology into the game development spotlight. With no downloads required, Korean developer Jandisoft has opened up an early version of Mad World for players around the world to try this Halloween! This special test play session will last until 1 November only on Windows and Mac PC systems. Try out the game right now!

If you did not know, HTML5 is a web technology which will allow developers to create games across multiple platforms without having to download a client, mobile app, and expensive computers. Also, developers will not need to share profits with App Store and Google Play. Up until now, there have only been really simple and low quality HTML5 games made, and we believe Mad World will be the first mainstream HTML5 online game with PVE maps, PVP arena, customization, boss raids, loot drops, and more MMORPG features!