KurtzPel – Elsword developer reveals new PC online game for G-Star 2017

KOG, the Korean developer behind games such as Grand Chase and Elsword, today revealed it is debuting a new PC MMORPG at G-Star 2017. Titled KurtzPel, it is an action game in which players can customize their own characters and enjoy using a gamepad. Of course, there is PVP as well. A demo version of KurtzPel, still under development, will be playable at G-Star 2017 along with game trailers and professional cosplay by Team CSL.


  1. Will this game be in english and this kinda looks like elsword X grandchase to make this 3D looking graphics i love it 😀

  2. I hope this 1 is not another action MMORPG who just need dps and solo for the whole gameplay.
    i more like classic mmorpg like log horizon style where everyone have their role like healer, tanker and dps.

  3. I refuse to give KoG the numbers. After their recent Herowarz scam. Literally the worst company to ever exist, and people are blind to it.

  4. Elsword was fine, its just i hated the the pay to win system and leveling up took ages and every thing was messy to much stuff and kinda expect the stat, abilities , weapons wouldn’t be so confusing

    • As someone who just started playing Elsword earlier last month, what is confusing or pay to win on that? The game literally gives you everything you need to solo almost every PVE content and the PVP is more skill than gear. The stats have names so obvious that the only way of not knowing what they do is by not being able to read. Weapons are extremely simple, just take what hits harder. And what do you mean leveling up taking ages? You wanna go to 0 to max level on 20 minutes or something? ‘Cause in less than six hours of playing I was already halfway to the max level.

      • @Punchy Khajiit
        It’s just about enchant and old days.
        Old days even slot B and items slot required buying from IM.
        mp gain from accessories (IM) giving 30% mp recovery but now can get void weapon with same effect like that accessoriess.
        latest dungeon only can for +10-12 weapon user (IM user or Lucky event)
        nowadays a lot of power can gain in-game and they balance enemy so even f2p can also enjoy the game, so the game is become good and not so p2w anymore.
        at first i also think this game is too p2w but now everthing is changed.

      • @Punchy Khajiit true, PvP does require skill but gear has a very high impact in it. Bypassing the gear requirement requires a very high amount of skill that many players still do not possess.

    • I see you are a veteran of this game. Nowadays, leveling is so much faster, you can straight up skip Hamel and Atlas if you’re doing the job changes and skill quests. Pay to win I suppose (+12 CBS wew). PvE is actually pretty f2p friendly since you get a free b-slot and free weps and stuff but you’ll probably get gear gated out of late Elysion/Elrianode if you don’t either buy a +9/10 from someone, wait for events, or whale (I waited for events for my +9’s). Stats aren’t that confusing because most chars only have to worry about speeds, crit, and maxi (and Add/red for pvp).

  5. Well let’s just hope it’ll be better shit that Elsword.
    Won’t ask for lesser pay to win system, ’cause it’s useless.

    • Dude, Elsword practically hand every single cash item to you on a silver platter now. Literally the only thing you’d ever cash for is ridiculously high enhancements.

      B-Slots, FREE. Item expansion, FREE. Costumes, FREE (if you don’t mind cross dressing). Decent Pet, FREE.

      Elsword nowadays is honestly one of the more generous games in providing you 90% of all you need for literally nothing.

      • Another person complaining that Elsword is p2w. *sigh*
        I’ve been playing since S1,
        not paid a single penny,
        currently got a full ib set for each of my characters without generous help from friends or such.

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