Giants War – Gamevil begins Closed Beta for mobile strategy RPG in North America and Canada

Mobile games publisher Gamevil and developer Singta are working on a new strategy RPG, Giants War, and gamers from North America and Canada can enter Closed Beta now. Up until October 26, both iOS and Android users will have a chance to provide feedback for a chance to win rewards. Giants War has strong exploration and base building elements, and players will be able to progress through the fantasy world with a high degree of freedom.

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Giants War is a strategy RPG that emphasizes spontaneous exploration, hero building and community gameplay. Players can choose to progress by venturing into uncharted territory or by participating in cooperative raids. In such a wondrous but dangerous world, players will need to manage their base and enlist the aid of Giants to protect their precious resources. To explore the world and conquer enemy players’ bases, Giants War will give players a chance to acquire a colorful cast of heroes, each with their own unique skill sets.