ArcheAge Begins – Gamevil launches Unreal Engine 4 mobile game worldwide

First announced back in 2015 as a collaboration project between Gamevil and XLGAMES, the mobile version of ArcheAge is now available globally! Titled ArcheAge Begins, it is a mobile collecting 3D online game which is set approximately 2000 years prior to the lore of the PC version. Crafted using Unreal Engine 4, ArcheAge Begins is also the first mobile game to showcase flip-style battle method for dynamic and impactful battle effects.

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Players can look forward to the Territory Battles and real-time Raid features. The Territory Battles will be an all-out-war between 6 factions while the real-time Raid require 4 players to work together to bring down a powerful boss for incredible rewards. ArcheAge Begins will feature 32 heroes from the PC version (where they are NPC characters), while implementing familiar MMORPG life functions such as farming, fishing, and trading.