Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Mobile version of beloved series launching in selected countries next month

[Pre-register now] Animal Crossing is a popular series not because of its fancy graphics or hot-blooded combat, but due to its open-ended gameplay and community simulation elements. And of course, animals. Nintendo announced the mobile version earlier today, titled Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, with the pre-registration phase now started. Pocket Camp will launch late-November in these selected countries. Not a global launch, folks.

Similar to the console series, the online features play a very important part. Players can become friends and visit each other’s camps. There is also a trading system between players! Similar to most Free-to-Play mobile titles, in-app purchases cannot be avoided. Pocket Camp will sell cash items to purchase resources or various support items, and also to speed up construction of structures. While the cash currency, known as Leaf Tickets, can be earned free in-game through various ways, I guess it will be in small amounts.