Shadow Blood – New mobile action RPG launches in Southeast Asia

Games publisher Lytomobi recently announced the grand launch of its new mobile action RPG, Shadow Blood, in Southeast Asia on Google Play. Gamers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia can expect high-quality game graphics and effects, along with bloody PVE and PVP combats taking place in several different modes. Get ready to spill some red!


Google Play


The main features for Shadow Blood include:

1. Real-time synchronous PvP

Every move counts in real-time PVP! Your opponents are controlling their characters at the same time as you are!

2. Customized skill combinations

For both PVE and PVP modes, players can combining various skills to use which suit their styles.

3. Team raid

Massive boss raids await! Glorious loot will be available for teams which are strong enough to defeat these beasts!

4. Extensive equipment system

Become the ultimate warrior by collecting from more than 3,000 types of unique gears and powerful Soul Stones!


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