Kritika Online – Action MMORPG launches on Steam with new content update

[Play free now] En Masse Entertainment today released the free Fractured Memories update for their hyper-stylish, fast-paced online anime action brawler, Kritika Online. Both veteran and new players are welcomed to dive into this brand new update which adds a randomized dungeon system that grants account-wide buffs, additional stages for high level characters, and quality of life improvements. Kritika Online is also available now on Steam.

The Fractured Memories dungeon is far more than just a dungeon. Pulling from all of the game’s content, the dungeon creates a unique experience each time players level 15 and up enter by varying map layouts, enemy variety and placement, difficulty levels, and rewards to ensure that players never run the same dungeon twice. Sounds really awesome!

Players won’t just gain experience points and gear from Fractured Memories, they will also gain ability points that can be used to grant account-wide buffs. Points are earned based on how quickly players complete a Fractured Memories dungeon and can be used to unlock and upgrade passive bonuses including reduced cooldowns, increased gold drops, and increased damage when attacking from the back to help them tackle higher difficulty levels.