Blizzard – Gaming giant is hiring for a mobile MMO RTS game and more

According to several job postings, it seems Blizzard is very, very busy working on several new games with the number of job listings going through the roof. According to various descriptions on its career page, we could identify the game genres for at least 3 of these “unannounced projects”. Included below are also the links to those jobs as well!

Mobile MMO RTS using Unity engine

  1. Senior Client Engineer (removed from listing)
  2. Environment Artist
  3. Lead Artist

First-person action game for PC and consoles

  1. Lead Software Engineer, Graphics/Engine
  2. Lead Software Engineer, Tools
  3. Senior Software Engineer, Graphics/Engine
  4. Concept Artist
  5. Senior Character Artist
  6. Senior FX Artist

Massively multiplayer game (MMORPG) based on Diablo IP

  1. Production Director