Dragon Ball Z: Bucchgiri Match – Teaser trailer for new HTML5 game

BXD is a new studio formed recently by Japanese heavyweights Bandai Namco Entertainment and Drecom, with a focus on HTML5 games. Over at Tokyo Game Show, BXD has revealed a few HTML5 titles, including a teaser for Dragon Ball Z: Bucchgiri Match. Not much is known about Dragon Ball Z: Bucchgiri Match other than what is being shown in the teaser. We do wonder about the gameplay…

For those unfamiliar with HTML5, games developed using this system can be played cross-platform on mobile devices and desktops without the need to download apps or clients. This means there is no need to submit any files to Google Play or App Store, hence eliminating the need to share revenue with those 2 platforms. Dragon Ball Z: Bucchgiri Match is scheduled to launch in Japan this Spring.


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