Closers – Character spotlight begins with spellcaster Sylvi

[Beta register] En Masse Entertainment recently revealed the next set of game trailers detailing the cast of their upcoming episodic anime action MMORPG, Closers. The spotlight  is now on Sylvi, the Black Lamb’s resident Caster class character and leader of the team. An orphan of the Dimensional War, Sylvi was raised within UNION (agency overseeing extra-dimensional threats), who discovered her Phase powers during regular testing.

Sylvi’s potential strength and inherent abilities pales in comparison to some of her more talented peers, but she won’t let that deter her. A perfectionist, she makes up for her potential through hard work and determination that gives her a mastery of mental skills that surpasses other members of the Black Lambs. It was this dedication and ethos that earned her the spot as the leader of the Black Lambs and the respect of her fellow Closers.