Soukou Musume – DMM Games and Level-5 team up on new franchise based on LBX series

Translated as “Armored Girls”, DMM Games and Japanese developer Level-5 recently held a media conference to announce Soukou Musume, a new IP which both companies have teamed up to work on. The background story is actually based on a previous franchise, Little Battlers eXperience (LBX), which has its own manga, several seasons of anime, and also tons of merchandise. The armored girls here are based on the main machines.

If you watched the LBX anime series, you might be familiar with the character designs. The cooperative effort of DMM Games and Level-5 will see the creation of a web browser game by the end of 2017 (browser games are really popular in Japan, but rarely head overseas) and also a mobile game in 2018. Live 2D technology will be utilized, along with a starry cast of voice actors. Information on the game systems will be revealed in the near future.