TERA – New dungeons and gear rarity arriving this month in Kaia’s Anvil update

[Play free now] En Masse Entertainment today announced their next free content update for TERA, “Kaia’s Anvil,” which will launch in March. This will add two new five-player dungeons, a new level of gear rarity, and updates to their Adventure Coin system, giving players more chances to run dungeons each week for both free and Elite status players. Players have two new dungeons to explore with this latest update – Forbidden Arena and Corrupted Skynest, five-player dungeons intended for characters level 69 or higher. Both dungeons introduce new challenges and drop high end gear and enchanting materials.

With materials from the Corrupted Skynest (and after completing the “Kaia’s Anvil” quest), players can craft and equip mythic-rarity gear with powerful beneficial buffs to increase their damage and survivability. Only then players are prepared to tackle Corrupted Skynest (Hard), designed for players with an item level of 480 or higher. Alongside these new dungeons, En Masse is increasing the cap on Adventure Coins, in-game currency used by high level players to purchase entry to dungeons. The standard cap increases from 1,000 coins to 1,200, and players with Elite status will see an increase from 1,680 to 2,000.