Black Desert Online – O’dyllita update arriving in western servers later this year

[Game website] Right after the announcement for the Korean server, developer Pearl Abyss and publisher Kakao Games confirmed via an official press release that the O’dyllita update will arrive as a free update to the western servers this year. This free expansion will allow players to explore a new region, O’dyllita, which is full of adventure and challenges. As appropriate for its dark reputation, O’dylitta has the most difficult areas currently in the game and as such will mark a true challenge for any adventurers that journey there.

From the barren and rocky valleys inhabited by the downtrodden Olluns to the ruins of an ancient kingdom overrun by vicious Ahib in the dark forest of O’dylitta, this land is unforgiving but can yield immense rewards. Intrepid players will be rewarded for braving the dangers of O’dylitta with the possibility of forging and collecting a new, marquee armor set; the Blackstar armor. By collecting materials in the various areas of O’dylitta players can start working on the long but rewarding journey towards completing and improving this armor set that will make them the envy of many an adventurer. Stay tuned for more news!