Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter – Pre-registration phase is now live

[Pre-register now] Snail Games recently announced the start of the pre-registration phase for its mobile action MMORPG, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter, the latest installment in the Taichi Panda mobile game series! Integrating new features such as mount taming, aerial PVP combat and evolved graphic engine, Snail Games aims to give players an all-new take on the mobile MMO experience.


The Avzar mainland in Taichi Panda 3 is home to two factions locked in a constant duel. The Panda Alliance, which values liberty and justice, seeks to bring peace. Its adversary is the Lion Empire, which admires power and violence, believing that glory belongs to the mighty. The two factions have distinct characters and styles, giving players a wide range of choices when starting their adventures.

The Panda Alliance is comprised of Swordsman, Healer, Rune Mage and Scout and makes its home in a magnificent city with graceful Eastern architecture. The Lion Empire consists of Berserker, Priest, Ice Mage and the neutral Scout and is based in a towering medieval castle. Taichi Panda 3’s massive world is one of its most memorable features, as the map size is 150 times bigger than the original game’s!

With the support from the 3rd generation Flexi Game Engine built by Snail Games, the epic graphic performance of Taichi Panda 3 will set the trend of high-quality graphics for future mobile MMOs. Mount taming is one of Taichi Panda 3’s most exciting new functions. From the most common unicorn to the fierce world boss Thundersaur, players can hunt and tame up to 1000 mounts in Taichi Panda 3.

Wild creatures are waiting to be tamed in open fields and darkest dungeon, in the skies or under the earth. Mounts will randomly change appearance once tamed, imbuing them with special abilities. With the introduction of mount, aerial, and ground-to-air battles, Taichi Panda 3 is pioneering a new form of PvP combat for the mobile MMO genre. Expect exciting PVP battles everywhere!

Whether in air, on ground, on a rooftop or indoors, players can open fire from anywhere while on the back of their mount. 3D mount battles are supported in nearly all combat modes, including PvE dungeons, grouped PvP fights, and Monster Siege Battles. Taichi Panda 3’s gameplay and content has raised the bar for the genre! Closed Beta is scheduled for September 2017, so pre-register now!