AION: Legions of War – First look at new mobile RPG from NCsoft

As most players would know, NCsoft is really behind its competitors in terms of launching mobile games globally. For context, Nexon is flooding the market with titles from around the world while Netmarble is earning hundreds of millions based on NCsoft’s own Lineage IP. NCsoft hopes to correct the situation starting with AION: Legions of War, a new strategy RPG set to launch later this year.


While we first thought AION: Legions of War to be a traditional turn-based game, it is actually closer to real-time combat, though most of it is still automated with players having to just click on the skills when charged. There are over 100 heroes to collect, and the graphics at maximum is gorgeous as console-level games. Will the IP draw a sustainable global community? Stay tuned!


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