Riot Games – League of Legends studio sues Mobile Legends developer

[Source] Riot Games, the Tencent-owned studio behind League of Legends, has filed a lawsuit against Shanghai Moontoon Technology, developer of hit mobile game, Mobile Legends. The lawsuit was recently filed in Los Angeles, California, and claimed Moonton has “knowingly infringed on the copyright for League of Legends in the form of multiple mobile games.”


Riot Games also stated that after an initial complaint to Google Play, the first version “Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA” was taken down. However, Moonton later re-uploaded a second version, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, with minor edits but with the same core game. Another mobile game, Magic Rush: Heroes, was also named in the lawsuit. No court date has been set.



  1. Please don’t shutdown mobile legends please consider this well we need a moba in our phones and those who can’t afford a single LOPTOP or a cp we like games like that and people start to like it and it gets popular Is that why you want it? I’m not gonna be rude but I think your a little selfish please stop!

    • The fact that Mobile Legends is copying most of the things from League of Legends and making tons of money from it is obviously very unfair therefore it is only right for them to get sued. Besides, there are other mobile moba games available like Vainglory. I play Mobile Legends quite a lot when I don’t have my laptop with me and spent quite some money on the game but them getting sued and probably shutting down is perfectly reasonable and expected.

          • yeah it is, because with the mentioned reasons in the subpoena on why they are suing mobile legends, DOTA could sue Riot for the exact same reason.

            • What? Dota is just a map from warcraft3 made by fans. If I’m not mistaken, ppl that created this mod where involved in lol and dota 2. So what you’re saying makes no sense.

                • True, Blizzard owned the base game, the character models, the original skills, etc. Blizzard could very well sue them in their sleep if they really wanted to. But they didn’t . A lot of games copy each other. and that’s a fact Sure ML looks so much like LoL but still its a mobile game. I think RIOT is just being a bully.

                  • basically yeah, the subpoena does feel like Riot are super insecure that another moba is gaining popularity.

                  • Blizzard did sue valve for Dota2 and Valve changed things that belonged to Blizzard. This is why Characters were changed. Ie. Skeleton King to Wraith King. The map, game mode, and various other things had no owner because of being a fan created mod; however, because the characters DID come from Blizzard owned games, they were forced to change it due to Dota2 not being “owned” by Blizzard any more. And by owned, I mean using assets from Blizzard’s actual content

                    MLBB is almost a complete rip off of League. From character design to sounds and artstyle. They’ve basically ripped off 95% of league, threw a joystick for movement and cranked the graphics down. You can find almost everything in MLBB in the files of league.

                    inb4 dota should sue league. No, because two members who helped make original dota created Riot Games (Riot Ryze and Riot Tryndamere) while the other went off and became hired by valve to help make dota2 (Icefrog). The mod itself is even public domain for WC3. And as of now, League and Dota2 are completely different games with the same base, which is MOBA. They have the same goal, but play almost completely different and have different characters. Even the characters they do share due to them both coming from Dota have different abilities.

                    At least do your homework before trying to trash another company and are trying to ignore the blatant thievery of the same company’s assets that you’re complaining about lmfao

                    • also they change the name to simply Dota 2 instead of DotA 2 since blizzard laid claims on the name Defence of the Ancient.

            • It so obvious that LOL didnt copy that much from Dota just the gameplay and genre, while Moblie Legends copied even some of the heroes, items and map from those famous titles.

    • so if someone steals your work and gets money from it, do you still think that they should keep it?

    • I totally agree wif anyone who thinks dota shldnt sue riot but riot shld sue mobile legends.Guys look at how bad the mobile legends graphic is.LoL has more realistic graphics and the vision is less and the game is more challenging thats what makes the game so fun.But the major thing i hate mobile legends is because mobile legends dont rlly nerf heroes and theres ppl like karrie who is so broken.I can tell mobile legends copied over 90% of lol example diana and freya,saber and yasuo.

  2. Honestly, LoL should’ve been sued to oblivion from dota in the first place. The only reason it probably wasn’t is because LoL took off before Dota 2- dota was only an add-on to Warcraft 3. I still think they should’ve sued. LoL has stolen more from dota than mobile legends has stolen from LoL- and that’s quite a bit.

    • On what grounds? Infringement of intellectual property? They can’t because Guinsoo, the second developer of DoTA, went on to work in creating LoL after he handed development of DoTA over to IceFrog, who later went on to develop DoTA 2 for valve

      So what Guinsoo did is take his ideas, impoved upon it, and made it into an entirely different game. Sure the game objective is the same, same 3 lanes, same tower placements, same game objective but there’s a lot of difference between the two games too.

      If anything, Guinsoo should, or whoever developed DoTA first, sue valve for DoTA 2. But they can’t because the original DoTA was not copyrighted as it was just a custom map in an entirely different game. It was basically public domain.

      • Guinsoo was the guy in the bunch that joined riot but one of them namely Pendragon pressured Icefrog to stop updating Dota 1 and stop Dota 2 from every being created

  3. Yo if y’all going to shut down mobile legends there’s only one thing I can say Fuck league of legends Bruh look at the new seasons not the old season u guys are fucked up boy I can’t believe this is happening right now u guys are so fuck up and look at league of legends they copied Dota’s map and minion so y’all shut the fuck up and end this riot right now fucking shit ass selfish

    • LoL and blizzard have a prior agreement before LoL was released so they can not sue roit unlike moonton who intentionally created their games to look like LoL to attrack players. And note that they were warned about it by roit but just ignored it

  4. Dota2 couldn’t sue LoL, they are same people who created DotA and also originated in Aeon of Strife(Starcraft custom Map)

  5. mobile legends deserve it im sick of china rip off mobile game, they think they can repdroduce game like they want, its obviously let the world of gaming down to bottom

  6. lmao to those butthurt and trying to justify their sore butt by up by saying dota should sue lol…

    • Yes, they can buy mobile legends BUT it really depends to MoonToon if they’re going to sell it or not. You see that Mobile Legends is making loads of money,
      I doubt they will sell it.

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