Raze: Dungeon Arena – Co-op mobile action RPG set to launch fall 2017

[Pre-register now] Set to launch later this year on the App Store and Google Play, Raze: Dungeon Arena is a fast-paced, hack-n-slash-style RPG with diverse game modes that features cutting-edge graphics, fast and flexible gameplay, and a diverse collection of characters and maps. Raze: Dungeon Arena offers both single player questing action and PvP + co-op multiplayer content.


Debuting with over 20 heroes, Raze: Dungeon Arena employs a tag-team style battle system that lets players take any two heroes into battle. These two heroes can be freely swapped during a fight, offering a new layer of depth to both boss battles and PvP fights. Heroes can be upgraded with loot found in dungeons, crafted gear, and through the development of their special abilities.


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