Lineage M – Mobile MMORPG achieves record sales in South Korea

A mobile remake of the popular Lineage Online, gamers overseas might not see how the game, Lineage M, would trump the numbers set by Lineage 2: Revolution. While one is crafted using the latest Unreal Engine 4, the other is made using an in-house engine with dated graphics. That did not stop Lineage M from exceeding 7 million players up to 2nd July, just 2 weeks after launch.


On 1st July, total sales for Lineage M amounted to 13 billion Korean Won (USD 11.3 million) for just that day. Following the launch on 21st June, NCsoft claims Lineage M has raked in an average of 9 billion Korean Won (USD 7.8 million) on a daily basis. That means the game revenue is around USD 90 million! Daily active users (DAU) is also at a massive 1.5 million average, with the peak at 2.1 million!



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