Nexon – Global contract signed with new studio for UE 4 mobile MMORPG

Nexon Korea has been signing and investing in tons of studios over the past 24 months, and the latest to benefit is Moai Games. Located in South Korea, this new studio received funding from K Cube Ventures and Partners Investment last year. Today, Nexon announced it has signed the global publishing rights for its first game, an Unreal Engine 4 mobile MMORPG, Project 라파누이.

Moai Games is aiming to re-create the full PC MMORPG experience on mobile devices, including massive open fields, and large-scale PVP wars between different factions such as Realm vs Realm. The project is in good hands, as the founder of Moai Games worked on titles such as Lineage II and Echo of Soul. There was no mention on when Project 라파누이 is scheduled to launch.