Durango – Open-world sandbox MMO launching this Q4 worldwide

[Game website] Nexon and developer What! Studio today announced that Durango, the open-world sandbox MMO set in a primitive alternate universe inhabited by dinosaurs, will be available worldwide for mobile devices later this year. Players are warped from their world into Durango, where they will discover the rich primitive environment intermixed with modern items from their previous world.


To survive, players will use the modern materials and technologies transported from their former lives and embrace becoming pioneers to explore, cultivate and evolve the vast and dangerous wilderness – depending on how they interact with the virtual environment and with one another.

Durango is the next evolution of full-featured mobile MMO experiences giving players full freedom to pursue various game pillars, all while meshing unique exploration and city building experiences with real-time collaborative and head-to-head battles against enemy clans and colossal dinosaurs.

In these uncharted lands, players will band together to survive against carnivorous dinosaurs and flourish in this new world ripe for exploration and settlement. Adventurers will learn to use the land to their advantage and craft weapons, armor and tools in order to develop villages that can grow from crude open-fire gatherings to massive concrete fortresses. The world is your playground!

Durango utilizes a revolutionary procedurally generated world building system that populates the open world with an infinite number of locations to discover. Players will be able to colonize a vast number of stable continents or travel to unstable islands filled with resources, dinosaurs, and secrets to uncover ecosystems that will surface and disappear into the sea at a moment’s notice.