Hello Hero: Epic Battle – Developer reveals more game details for sequel

Fincon is a Korean developer which has released popular cross-platform games (mobile and web) such as Hello Hero and Angel Stone. After obtaining an investment recently, Fincon is ready to showcase Hello Hero: Epic Battle to the world, a sequel to Hello Hero which has over 20 million downloads. Here is the first gameplay trailer shown on the Korean “Made With Unity” showcase website.


According to early details, the story takes place 15 years after the original game. Hello Hero: Epic Battle is being touted as having “hundreds” of heroes to collect and train, along with around 1,000 quests, 300 missions, side-stories for all heroes, co-op gameplay, PVP battlefield, world boss raids, and “many more” features. Heroes from the original game are in the game, along with new ones.

In an interview with the Korean media at the PlayX4 2017 convention, Fincon mentioned it is aiming to solve the issue with “meaningless progression” in Hello Hero: Epic Battle. Rather than giving a core focus to strong heroes, all heroes will get equal love and care, firstly with a side-story mode for each of them to let players understand their personal stories and maintain a bond with them.

Each hero can also be customized using costume parts, including hats, glasses, wings, etc, hence having different looks for one hero. Fincon is also making sure there is diversification in team combinations by having different battle conditions in maps, and also through a “cool-down” system. I am not sure of the exact detail, but perhaps higher rank heroes will have a longer skill cool-down timer.

Fincon is also producing smart toys based on Hello Hero and Hello Hero: Epic Battle, a system similar to that of Nintendo’s amiibo and Activision Blizzard’s Skylanders. An untried feature in South Korea, there smart toys will be quipped with NFC chips which allow data transfer into mobile games. Fincon believes this feature will improve the lifespan of games. The prototypes can be seen below!

Finally, Fincon is looking to launch Hello Hero: Epic Battle later this year in over 150 countries globally. The game was developed with 13 languages initially in mind, including English, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. Fincon acknowledges Southeast Asia as a major market, and claimed the difference between Korean users will be the game’s difficulty, not content.