Age of Wulin – Data transfer to new publisher begins this month

[Data transfer info] Webzen announced that Age of Wulin, the EU server for Age of Wushu, will be changing publisher. The new publisher is developer Snail Games, and player data will be transferred to Age of Wushu if certain steps are taken. On 10 May, a new “Account Transfer Ambassador” NPC will appear in Suzhou and Chengdu to aid players with the process. Snail Games will take over on 11 July.



  1. i was surprised to see this since age of wulin had bigger population then wushu (us server) game is good but most of people that i played with give up due that it is too much time consuming and complicated

    • Age of Wulin is a legacy game Webzen got from acquiring gPotato back then. I guess the contract is ending soon, and Webzen is unwilling to work further with a Chinese developer, preferring to work with its own Korean ones where language isn’t a barrier and communications might be better.

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