The King of Fighters World – Third original fighter for MMORPG revealed

Developed by SNK exclusively for China, the third of four original characters for The King of Fighters World was recently revealed. Her name is Hoshino Kaoru, and she is a popular up-and-coming model in the game’s story setting. Signed to the same talent agency as Athena Asamiya (from Team Psycho Soldier), Hoshino seldom has a chance to showcase her powers till the tournament came calling.

As mentioned in my other articles, The King of Fighters World is a mobile MMORPG, hence there will be open world maps, instanced areas, story quests, and infused with PVP fighting modes. However, battles take place with an isometric camera view,  not side-scroll platform stages. Classic bosses and stage designs from the console game series will also make their appearances!