Summoners War – Celebrating 3rd anniversary with special coin event

Summoners War is celebrating its 3rd anniversary, and developer Com2uS has invited everyone to the party by holding various celebratory events! To reciprocate the love and support shown to Summoners War, starting on April 17, the “3rd Anniversary Coin Event” will run for 20 days where players can collect special coins and exchange them for various in-game items.


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These Coins can also be exchanged with Crystals, Legendary Scrolls, Mystical Scrolls, Rune Reappraisal Stones, and Summoning Stones at the Special Magic Shop of the Event Page. Users will also be able to use the Coin to Craft a 5~6★ Runes with Rare Grade or above. An Unlimited Energy Time Event and 2x Essence Time Event will also be held on April 15!

Furthermore, special Angelmon/Rainbowmon/Devilmon Dungeons will be open for 3 days from the 14th to 16th. In addition, a Double Burning Time Event where users can earn doubled EXP and Mana Stones will be held until April 23. Users will also be able to collect 30 Energy and Make a Wish up to 5 times when they connect to the game during the designated times while the event is being held.

Summoners War has accumulated over 70 million downloads and also generated revenues of $890 million since its 2014 launch, which took less than 3 years since the release of the game. This is the first record in the Korean mobile game industry and a goal which has been achieved during the shortest time in the history of Korean games including PC online games.