Penta Storm – Quick look at first mobile MOBA under Netmarble

Netmarble recently launched its first competitive MOBA title for mobile devices in South Korea, Penta Storm. Based on a modified version of 王者荣耀, the top downloaded and grossing mobile game in China now, I decided to give the game a try, despite not really into competitive games which really stresses me out. First, let’s take a look at the available heroes, purchasable with 3 different currencies.


You might see certain design similarities with League of Legends, but it doesn’t really matter as Tencent Games is the owner of Riot Games, so it is all in the family. I really enjoyed my first 2 games of Penta Storm, despite losing the first round. Matches are really fast, despite the map having almost all the same elements found in League of Legends. I will be playing more of Penta Storm this weekend!