Mo Xiang Mobile – Quick look at mobile version of classic PC MMORPG

Launching a few weeks back in the Greater China region (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau), Mo Xiang Mobile is based on the once-popular PC MMORPG launched in various countries several years back. You may known it as Mo Xiang Online in Southeast Asia, or Titan Online in the global English version. The PC MMORPG was first developed by Korean studio Eyasoft, best known for Luna Online.


There are a couple of mobile games based on Mo Xiang, with this version developed by an unknown team. One of the main features of Mo Xiang is the ability to transform into Titans, which is basically a temporary empowered mode in the form of a giant guardian. The game itself is really bland and boring, with most actions automated and tons of bonuses for cash users (even bonus skills).