Justice League Superheroes – Quick look at new Chinese mobile RPG

It is a trend now for developers to build mobile games based on IP, and it is the same over in China. Officially licensed from DC Comics, publisher and developer Longtu Game has soft-launched its new mobile title, Justice League: Superheroes, in selected Chinese markets ( Traditional Chinese). Longtu Game also has a Simplified Chinese version waiting to be launched in its native China.


As usual, I took a quick look at the game. It seems Longtu Games was given the permission to redraw all the heroes, which is why the hero portraits do not look like the usual high-quality ones drawn by the DC artists. Justice League: Superheroes categorizes heroes into several classes, including Warrior, Assassin, Support, and Mage. I was most surprised by Martian Manhunter being an AOE healer.

Other than story mode, there are around 10 other side-modes such as PVP, World Boss, a single-lane MOBA PVP mode (which appears regularly in story mode), bounty quests, and more. There are 20 heroes now, and they can either be obtained from the gacha system, or player can collect their pieces from gameplay to form the full hero. I might take a closer look when the game launches in China.