The King of Fighters World – SNK reveals first game-exclusive fighter

Developed by SNK and Ledo Interactive, The King of Fighters World is a China-exclusive mobile MMORPG which was first revealed back in January. Recently, SNK announced the first test, known as “Test Flight” phase, will begin for a small group of Chinese KOF fans on 28th March, only on iOS devices. According to the dev team, completion for The King of Fighters World is currently at 75%.

As noted in my previous article, there will be 4 brand new fighters making their appearances in The King of Fighters World. The first has been revealed to be Miura Taka, a 20 year old teen who stands at 190 cm tall and comes from a lineage of high society standing. Trained from young in the long-lost Miura style of combat, he is said to be the only second family member to “awaken” to his real powers.

Blessed with an affinity with the fire element, Miura Taka trained under Saisyu Kusanagi (father of Kyo Kusanagi) when he was 13 years old to learn more on controlling his fire and new fire skills. However, his fighting style is fundamentally different from the Kusanagi style. According to the lore, Miura Taka and Kyo Kusanagi agreed to have a battle, but Kyo later went missing.