Sword of Shadows – Pre-register now for upcoming wuxia mobile MMORPG

[Pre-register now] Snail Games, developer of the popular PC MMORPG Age of Wushu, is preparing to launch its new wuxia mobile RPG, Sword of Shadows, on 22 March worldwide. Currently in its Closed Beta phase, Sword of Shadows is actually part of the Age of Wushu series of games in China, hence players might see familiar settings such as the available schools and gameplay features.


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Sword of Shadows is a huge mobile MMORPG in terms of content and features, with a sprawling wuxia world of players to explore. However, it seems the localization is rushed as the text font and sizes are not uniform, most probably due to space restriction. The graphics, set to the highest, do not seem on par with what the PR screenshots show. Global launch is next week, so stay tuned!



  1. Game’s literally called 9yin(age of wushu) 3d in China. Not sure why they changed the name. Been having some latency issues playing the Chinese version, so I’ll be sure to take another look at it.

    My experience from playing the Chinese version was not great. Though they promised an experience closer to the PC game, I still think AoW Dynasty has the better gameplay. The combat felt stiff, and there were no stunlocks afaik.

    It may just have been caused by the latency, but I guess I’ll see next week.

  2. Game is p2w all the way. In addition to that there are a lot of abusers of Giftcode “bug” and Refund’s (mostly asian due to diff policies)

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