Odin Crown – Japanese studio announces new mobile MOBA

GameJeans is a new game developer from Japan, and recently its first game was revealed – Odin Crown, a mobile RPG with MOBA elements. A veteran team is working on the game, including the former producer of Rage of Bahamut. The character designs of Odin Crown are led by Aiba Ryosuke, currently in CyDesignation (subsidiary of Cygames), who worked on several Final Fantasy series.


In the game, players are after the powerful artifact, Odin Crown, which supposedly grants the power to rule the world. Players can choose from over 50 unique characters to train and raise until strong enough to take part in simplified 5 vs 5 MOBA battles against other players. There is also a 1 vs 1 mode as well! I am really interested to see how the MOBA mode can be played on a portrait screen…


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