Kritika: The White Knights – New playable class Noblia enters the battle

Kritika: The White Knights has a new update, and its headliner is the newest class Noblia. Noblia is a physical-type class who summons a variety of weapons from her wand to crush all who oppose her. The update also comes with new features such as the Event Calendar, Play Time Reward, and Apple Watch sync capability. Players are able to view Kritika news from their Apple Watch device now!


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About Noblia

Noblia, the 11th character, is a nimble and lethal combatant. She is an alchemist who arrived from another dimension. Appearing sweet and innocent, this little girl can summon destructive weapons and perform combo attacks that seem impossible for someone of her stature. Her tools of destruction include a mini-gun, a humongous toy hammer, a bazooka and a flame thrower.