Empire of Angels – Quick look at new female-only fantasy RPG from Taiwan

Developed by Taiwan studio Auer Media & Entertainment Corp, Empire of Angels is a new cross-platform RPG launched worldwide recently. By cross-platform, I actually mean that the game can be played on both iOS and Android devices, while also playable with the same data on Facebook Gameroom using PC browsers. I took a quick dive into the game as seen in the video below.


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Set in a female-only world, Empire of Angels features vivid illustrations powered by Live2D. Empire of Angels offers a dynamic single player and multiplayer gameplay experience. With over 240 stages along the storyline, players will need to build their squad and find the perfect combinations best suited for different situations. During the journey, there are over 40 unique characters to be collected.

While Empire of Angels is aesthetically pleasing, there are certainly some issues with the game down. First, it looks like the English localization is hastily done, and incomplete at this time due to Chinese dialogues and text. The English text fonts are certainly not in unison as well. Second, there are audio issues during combat sessions. Empire of Angels is still worth a try, so grab it on mobile or PC today!