King’s Raid – Upcoming mobile fantasy RPG begins pre-register phase

[Pre-register now] Developed by indie Korean studio Vespa and operated by Thailand-based publisher Glohow, King’s Raid is an upcoming mobile game which boasts real-time battles with stunning 3D graphics and an in-depth character leveling system. For players who pre-register before 8 February, they will receive a digital package worth USD 40.00 during the official launch of King’s Raid!


King’s Raid follows the story of Kyle, a rookie knight whose brother went missing after he was deployed to investigate dark disturbances outside the walls of Orvelia. Determined to uncover the mystery, Kyle bravely journeys outside the kingdom to search for this brother and recover the peace once enjoyed by his people, now threatened by the Lord Demon, Angmund and his minions.

Players will assemble and customize their team of 4 heroes from 7 different class types: Warrior, Knight, Archer, Wizard, Priest, Assassin, and Mechanic. Each hero will have distinct abilities that unlock as the player levels up. Players can further empower heroes by equipping them with gears, enhancing or awakening. More heroes can be summoned through purchases or collecting their fragments.

There is the real-time synchronous PVP Arena which pits players against others. Expect intense and exciting battles where every decision could either lead to victory or defeat! Players can also create guilds at an early level and recruit friends to enjoy group buffs and fight guild raids together for high-quality gear. More features are being prepared, so pre-register now and stay tuned for more info!