Final Fantasy Explorers Force – Square Enix reveals new mobile RPG

While the game was teased a couple of days back in the Japanese media, it was not until today that Square Enix made a full reveal. Final Fantasy Explorers Force, surprisingly, has no connections with the Nintendo 3DS classic, Final Fantasy Explorers. Sporting a new storyline, the characters in Explorers Force are not on the cute “chibi” variety, but more towards the style of Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Developed as a mobile MMORPG, players can switch between 8 jobs using just one character, and the ability to party with 4 other players for co-op gameplay. And like most MMORPG titles, players are able to customize the appearance and costume of their characters. They can even transform into classic Final Fantasy heroes such as Cloud, Squall, Tidus, Vaan, Lightning, and many more!

In case you are wondering, there are 3 specific “Forces”. The first refers to the common players, known as Soldier Force; the second refers to the classic Final Fantasy heroes, known as Crystal Force; and finally, Summon Force, where beings such as Bahamut, Ifrit, Fenrir, and other summons belong. Final Fantasy Explorers Force is slated to launch in Japan for Android and iOS devices later this year.