Oneiric Tales – Tower of Saviors dev reveals gameplay for latest game

After the dismal launch of its second mobile game, Chronos Gate, Hong Kong developer Madhead is fighting back at Taipei Game Show next week with its third mobile game, Oneiric Tales. Featuring Japanese anime styled artwork, which I almost mistook for Granblue Fantasy, Oneiric Tales is a combination of the tile-matching puzzle genre together with a dose of card-collecting RPG elements.


As expected, players obtain new characters through the gacha system, each with different stats, active skills, passive abilities, and attributes. There are current around 100 characters (or spirits) available. There is also a co-op multiplayer mode, accommodating up to 4 real-time players. Madhead is hoping to launch Oneiric Tales in Taiwan this Spring, which is the period right after Taipei Game Show.