Soul Reverse Zero – Quick look at new mobile game from SEGA Japan

While major mobile games studios are spending millions on getting popular IPs for their new games, SEGA’s new “Soul Reverse” IP based on ancient heroes of myths and legends is literally royalty-free. The first product, Soul Reverse Zero, is a mobile game which launched recently in Japan. Touted by SEGA as the company’s “next big thing”, I took a quick dive into the mobile RPG.


Similar to most turn-based mobile games out there, combat is most convenient when using the automated function, with players just having to flick the character portraits upwards to trigger the ultimate skills. The only real “strategic” element is the elemental weakness of each unit, but even then there are just 3 elements. The story dialogue is plentiful, but becomes must-skip really soon.

soul-reverse-zero-screenshot-1 soul-reverse-zero-screenshot-2