Kingdom Story – New mobile game based on Asian classic novel launches

NHN Entertainment today released Kingdom Story: Brave Legion on iOS and Android mobile platforms. Kingdom Story: Brave Legion was developed by Picneko, developers of the creative and well-received game “War Story” in Korea. The game features characters and stories from the Romance of Three Kingdoms era of China and has a humorous and cute take on the world and its events.


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This new entry to the mobile strategy game genre features a unique “World Domination” mode that allows players to take over territory all over a fictitious version of China and appoint their troops as Governors in order to hold land. In addition to the unique World Domination mode, the game features a fully scripted single player scenario that tells the story of the Romance of Three Kingdoms.

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Additionally, players will be able to construct and customize their own town, participate in PvP tournaments against other players for a variety of prizes, and conquer mighty Raid Super Bosses. Finally, players can participate in a Daily Survival mode where their heroes can’t be reused, requiring a deep roster of strong characters, including Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and many more.

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