Final Fantasy Legends II – Quick look at new mobile RPG in FF series

One of the many Final Fantasy mobile games to be launched in different regions over the next few months, Final Fantasy Legends II quietly opened up to players in Japan with very minimal fanfare and advertisement. A turn-based 2D pixel mobile RPG, players travel through different time and dimensions in the game to save reality, aided by reliable companions and powerful summons.


The gameplay of Final Fantasy Legends II is rather simple, and Chapter 1 can be finished around an hour with little resistance from enemies. Chapter 2 will only arrive later as an update in the near future. Perhaps that Titus skin and god-tier sword helped… Rather than heroes, players gacha to roll more powerful summons, with franchise classic such as Bahamut, Ifrit, Odin, and more on the table.



  1. Squareenix turned into a cash grab company, stop doing these shit mobile 32bits games and do something usefull for PC

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