Durango – Signup for Limited Beta begins for mobile sandbox MMORPG

[Register now] Nexon Korea today invites fans to register for the public Limited Beta and experience the immense world of Durango, a sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for mobile devices. Durango is a pioneering mobile game with an endless number of islands, full of primitive dinosaurs awaiting player discovery. The Limited Beta begins on 14th December.


Durango will thrust players into an unknown world where dinosaurs still roam freely. Players will get a glimpse into a beautiful, but dangerous world where survival is key. Packed with an immersive and interactive experience, players will lead their characters as they learn to build communities, hunt, scavenge and battle to keep their clan alive in the foreign land plagued by rival clans and dinosaurs.


During this round of limited beta, MMO fans from all around the world will learn to tame and ride diverse dinosaurs. Players can also build villages with fellow players, and battle against rivaling clans to protect one’s homeland in massive clan battles in a seamless MMO world. Players can also customize their characters with unique clothing styles and colors – there is no limit in self-expression in Durango.

durango-screenshot-1 durango-screenshot-2 durango-screenshot-3