Aura Kingdom Mobile – Quick look at new mobile RPG based on PC title

Back when Aura Kingdom Mobile was announced by Taiwan developer X-Legend Entertainment, I was thinking it will most probably be a game about collecting Eidolons (the guardian pets) and perhaps form teams with them. I was dead wrong after trying out the game, which launched recently in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. The whole PC MMORPG was literally brought into a mobile device!

While players can rejoice having 8 classes, Aura Kingdom Mobile is in fact very graphic intensive, and my one-year-old flagship Android phone could not keep up with the game animation at times. The whole gameplay experience is basically about auto-playing, with minimal manual control needed unless heading to the next quest. It is a horror to control as well during boss fights or PVP later!

aura-kingdom-mobile-screenshot-1 aura-kingdom-mobile-screenshot-2