MapleStory M – Quick look at new mobile RPG based on popular IP

A certain something was missing from Pocket MapleStory, and developer Nexon had to go back to the drawing board to make sure its most successful IP, MapleStory, finds success in the mobile space as well. Announced last year, this is MapleStory M. Claiming to stay true to the PC version of MapleStory, this new mobile game promised to bring back the nostalgia of days old for most gamers.


While it is not a 100% port of the original MapleStory, it is close enough with all the features you expect, including familiar maps, monsters, pets, mounts, the marketplace, tons of cash costumes, and even the plastic surgeon and his crew are back to give everyone a facelift! Automated battle has a limited duration, which is certainly not an industry norm. Stay tuned for news of the English release!